User needs come first.

It's my job to break down the assumptions and find out what users really need, not what we think they need. Those needs become the foundation for each project I work on, and I make it my mission to act as a champion for the users. It's my duty to tell their story.  

I've spent the bulk of my career working in Government because I have a passion for making a difference. I believe that if we can improve the services that people use, we can transform the world in a positive way. 

What makes me stand out as a UX researcher? In addition to being a great listener and an insightful researcher, I'm excellent at communicating findings and working closely with stakeholders. I also have an extensive background in content strategy and exceptional design skills that can benefit projects.


Some projects I've worked on:

  • Government Grants Information System
  • Boundaries Commission for England, Wales and Scotland
  • Honours and Appointments
  • Calgary Transit Connect
  • City of Calgary Recreation Guide
  • ParkPlus Mobile App
  • Cabinet Office employee intranet
  • City of Calgary employee intranet


My research process ... 

Interviews + ethnography

The first step to understanding users is an obvious one: Talk to them! In each project I work on, I spend hours upon hours talking to users (preferably in their own environment,) to gather insightful qualitative data.

Affinity sorting

I use the affinity sorting method to analyse qualitative data gathered from interviews. Items are grouped into common themes and prioritised to set the groundwork for the next phase of development. 


I use qualitative data to to bring life to the users, sharing their story through personas or another medium, to create empathy and keep our users at the forefront of our minds during design and development. 

Journey mapping

How do users currently experience our service? What are the pain points? Where do the opportunities lie? Or, if there's no existing journey, how can we create one based on the needs of our users?

Wireframe + prototype testing

Testing starts early and happens often on my projects. Wireframe and prototype testing helps us verify that we're meeting user needs before we get in too deep. 

Usability testing

Whether in a lab or in a coffee shop, usability testing is a big part of what I do. Using agile methodology, I test iteratively as the project progresses, which a big push just before launch. 

Here's a glimpse at what this looks like ... (more to come)