About me

About me
As you can tell, I'm out standing in my field. Did I mention I like dad jokes?

I'm a service designer, user researcher and community leader working in government. I write about human-centred design, public sector, neurodiversity and everything in between.

I’ve worked for Cabinet Office and the Government Digital Service in London UK, the Canadian Digital Service in Ottawa, Ontario, and the Exchange Lab branch of the BC Government. I’m also one of the leaders of the BC Gov Design Community.


I'm currently a Director of Strategic Design with the BC Provincial Government (though the opinions on this site are my own, and don’t reflect my employer)

I’m also one of the leaders of the BC Gov Design Community.

I used to work for Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office, Canadian Digital Service and City of Calgary.

I've lead user research and design work on various digital products, including RCMP's report a cybercrime, Gov.uk Verify, EU Exit, BC Gov Platform as a Service and GC Notify.

Before I was a public servant, I was a freelance writer for Huffington Post, aol and a few other digital media organizations.


I currently live in beautiful Victoria, BC but consider Calgary, London and Ottawa as my other homes.

I have two very wonderful, very energetic children

I love reading fiction, but I'm a bit particular about what I read

I used to be a bit of a traveller (pre-kids) and have visited 6 continents and 30 countries.

About this site

This is a personal blog, a place for me to share what I'm doing, thinking, learning and reflecting on. I write about both my work life and my personal life, because I find it tricky to separate the two. You can use tags to filter out the kind of contrast you're interested in.

I often write weeknotes because it helps me think about and reflect on what I've done.