Weeknotes 15/2022

Hello from the rainy west coast

Weeknotes 15/2022
Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

What went well:

  • I got a bit of a promotion, which I will talk more about once it’s properly flushed out. It’s exciting but involves switching teams so it’s a bit scary , but there’s lots of overlap with my previous team so I will continue to work with them closely. It’s a brand new team and role, so I’m looking forward to having a say in how we work and structure things
  • I attended FWD50 Virtually this week which made me feel really inspired. My favourite talks were from Emma Gawen (“Fix the damn websites”) and Pia Andrews (“Designing for Legitimacy”), but there are a lot I missed and need to catch up on with recordings.
  • I started #NaBloPoMo and I’m off to a good start, I even published two blog posts in one day! But I’m sure my energy and enthusiasm will wane, especially as I start getting into my new role. You can read what I’ve written here.
  • I spent a day at the BC Legislature learning about how our government works. It was super interesting and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity.
  • I ran another Design Community monthly call and also an open forum to talk about the issues we are facing. Both went really well. I also attended a Community Manager call (organized by James Arthur Cattell) with people from UK and US — it was really helpful and energizing.
  • Also I only *just* discovered the unsplash button that automatically puts images into your blog posts. Before I was doing this manually. Gamechanger.

What I’ve struggled with:

  • I struggled a bit with the timezones for FWD50, as some of the talks I really wanted to attend happened during the school run so I had to miss them. Last year’s recordings were available right away, but this year I have to wait which is frustrating.
  • Sick kiddos and an outbreak of Hand Foot and Mouth at my littlest one’s daycare made things tricky in our house this week. The excitement, late bedtime and extra work of Halloween didn’t help either.
  • Ugh I am so sad about what’s happening at twitter. Discovering the government design community on there was massively helpful in my career and I feel anxious for that community as I watch people scatter away to different platforms. I haven’t joined a different platform yet, I’m waiting to see what happens. But perhaps I should.

Inspired by:

Reading, watching, listening: